Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nice to meet ya!

Remember back in school growing up how the first couple days of school were "intro days". Those were the best days ever. Besides the no homework perk, I loved getting to tell everyone all about me and what I loved! Until of course college came along and on the first day, they were all "Here's homework, a test, and a paper due tomorrow." What the what?! So in honor of my getting old and because I get to make the rules, I'm bringing back intro day!

 So let's imagine that I invite you over for coffee (it's always time for coffee) and to chat. You'd sit at my dining room table on an upholstered Ikea chair with a red marker stain on the seat that I can't get out (okay I lied, I haven't even tried), and you'd watch me put an unGodly amount of creamer and sugar in my coffee. I'd have way too many sweet snacks on a tray that makes you think "Wait? Are more people coming?" and we'd get to know each other...

 I'm Candace. I'm a lover of Christ, I'm a wife to Nicholas, and I'm a mommy to Sienna & Titus (in that order). I'm blunt and extremely transparent. I'm compassionate and empathetic. Which kinda stinks because I'm also a dweller. I can get super sad and upset over someone else's problem for-like-ever. I'm quick to forgive. I will call you out. I'm the friend that tells you what you don't want to hear but need to hear. I can be overly sensitive, and yes I will read into the "tone" of your text and be offended by your attitude of which I read your text in. Contrarily, my theme for this year is "Thrive in Truth" and my daily goal is to have intentional joy and find beauty in the mundane. Also, I stink at laundry. Stains are my kryptonite.

  I've started this blog for me.  As a place to relinquish my words and to store my thoughts. A collective home for all my crafts, and home projects, and business adventures. I also started it to give everyone's Facebook newsfeed relief because #ikindalikehashtags and #Imalsolongwinded.

 My passions include sharing my walk with Christ, helping others, making all things pretty & festive, and parenting. I hope here I can give you a place of hope. A place where a "bible thumper" seems so tangible and real and flawed. I pray that I can close the gap between the "normal" and the "believers" of thou Christ Child our Sacred Son of the Lamb Hath be Holy Redeemer. (God totally knows my intention with that so no worries, I'm not up in flames). My heart lies with those JUST outside of the gates of Hell. I want to use my words, my experiences, my hurts, and my struggles to lift people out of brokenness by revealing I'm deep down in there with them. My hope is that God's word can seem a bit less of a foreign language and a lot more like a love poem through my testimony here.

 Having Selah Joy Company is a result of a deep rooted desire from Christ to be the hostess with the mostess. I have always relished in hosting a celebration, a dinner, a gathering, and filling a space with joy. I have delighted in preparing an event and watching a wedding unfold. I'll explain more about my business in another post (dun dun dun.. cliff hanger!) Anywho, God wants me to have a space of joy and growth and peace and kindness (even if on the internet) to bring people together and love their faces off!! So, that's what this is! I couldn't be more excited, nervous, willing, and lead to be sharing all I come across right here with you all. 

 By now if we were really sitting at my house sipping coffee, I would have reheated it a hand full of times, we would've switched to more comfy seating because I have a boney butt, my children would be begging for "bunny time",  you'd probably be covered in white dog hair, and we would've already been interrupted more times than we can count. Oh the blessing of this blog, we were just pretending & we got to finish a conversation! Now tell me about yourself because somebunny wants to hear all about you. Oh and also....Im cheesy. =)

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Stephanie Slechta said...

Awesome!! SO excited for this to unfold! You're so creative.. I love that you have this outlet to share more!! :)

Melissa Theodore said...

I absolutely love this!!!! So proud of you Candace, and your exuberance for Christ and willingness to be flawed o show we all fall short but we have hope in Jesus just makes my heart soar!! The growth in you is so amazing!!! I'm so glad I get to be apart of your journey & to have you apart of mine.. You've already given me some inspiration to start blogging my adventures...

Love you SIS

Candace Gutierrez said...

Thanks Stephanie! Im so excited! I'm sick of having all this crap going on in my head with no where to put it! lol

Candace Gutierrez said...

Thanks Mel! Your opinion means the world to me! Appreciate your encouragement and friendship! Get started blogging girlie, I'm excited to read! =) LOVE YOU!