Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Rockin' 6 Year Old

Look at me playing hard to get! ;) I missed you too. God is taking off in so many wonderful aspects of my life at the moment and the ride along is just so much fun! Anywho, since this blog technically started about 5 years ago in my head, we have a ton to catch up on. 

The first snippet I want to toss your way out of my imaginary mind blog is my sweet girls 6th birthday party. (I totally teared up while typing that. My princess is 6! 6 stinkin' years old. Man time flies when you're having fun).

So I always allow Sienna to pick her birthday party theme (usually with some gentle nudging thrown in) but in general I can see whatever she's going to pick coming from a mile away. This year, not so much. When I asked her what she wanted her birthday party to be this year, she blurted out "I WANT A ROCK STAR PARTY!" Well, I was shocked at first because the girl hasn't heard anything outside of Disney princess music & our local Christian radio station z88.3. I was scared after that because although I did go through a little punk phase in high school (From Autumn to Ashes anyone?) I must say I was clueless on where to start with a "rock star" theme. Don't fret y'all.. it came to me. ;) Take a looksey...

Well, there's my rockstar girl herself, on the stage. 

Those big beautiful eyes, they slay me. Oh and also, she's into doing her own hair...which also slays me in an entire different way. 

The colors I went with were black white and gold. Searching around for rock star things got real cheesy, real fast so I took the "star" part of that and ran with it. Here are the invites:

(from pencilandpaperie on Etsy).

Now for the table setting. I did one long table for all the kiddos to sit at. Paper Plates can look snazzy y'all. Presentation. Presentation. Presentation. 

My amazing hubs aka Mr. Hot Stuff (yes, let's refer to him as that because it will embarrass him and well, it's pretty accurate) made that stage and it rained RIGHT after we set it up. God bless him, that man has a special place in Heaven for enduring my crazy visions. 

Mr. Hot Stuff also got a little creative while pressure washing the day before. Our other trees say (as in like still-to-this-day makes me cringe) "rock & roll".  We'll just call it his decorating "stamp" on our home. ;D Gosh, he's sexy (it helps ease my decorating pain. ha!) 

Sienna was very specific when requesting "guitars and microphones for all her friends"...

Now we can move into the porch & on to the food! 

(cookies ordered from Cookie Cousins)

The Menu was a "Rock yo' Taco" bar. Super easy and a little went a long way! I always say, the best way to go is spanish ;D (even though I'm a little bias due to SeƱor Hot Stuff). 

and now the cake! 

Little man celebrating sissy too! (with a shiner from the bounce house and some good moves on the stage)

There were tons of bouncing, and dancing and stage-performing mixed in too. I have the cutest pictures of little girls twirling and singing-about together and little boys using inflatable guitars as swords, but I just can't put the other little party guests up here on the good ole' blog. Apparently people are little funny about you putting their kid on the internet without them knowing. Weird. But I will say there was also Sienna's specific request of "gold pixie dust" for her and all her friends to throw around on each other and use to get "dancing powers". Let me just tell you where she got this lovely idea.. I'll give you one hint, I can't wait to be an aunt. Payback is sweet. ;D The parents thanked me for their extra party favors of glitter covered cars and they were on their way.

(most pictures taken by Jenna Dail)

Well, that was Sienna's rock star party. Let's play our favorite part.. mine? The sweet 6 year old! What was yours? 

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Megan Hyde said...

I cannot even believe Sienna is 6 years old. Wowohwowohwow! Just yesterday at Boardwalk we were sitting down to hear the news. Amazing!

Candace Gutierrez said...

I know right? I have aged myself by realizing how old she is! lol