Home Tour

Welcome to my humble abode! I'm dying to share my home with you! I've put my heart into making our home a place to love in, live, in, and host in. Keep in mind a room is never done and I have a billion more ideas in my head still. Also, I'm totally an amateur with my camera. I know you'd rather less words and more pictures so here we go for the tour...

Entry way

First door on the right: Laundry Room

Second door on the right: Half Bath
It's not very easy to photograph this bathroom. I promise there's a toilet in there ;)

On the other side of the entry way just past the stairs: The Family Room

Dining Room:

And just to keep it real around here... this was happening in the above picture about 6 inches away =)

The Kitchen:

The Fireplace Room



Titus' Room

Sienna's Room

Kids Bath
Still tons of work to be done in this room.
Also, there's no natural light in here. Pictures are tough.

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

There it is! Our family's digs. A ton (most) of our things are DIY and super affordable. I'm a firm believer in splurging on a few things and creating the rest! If you have any questions on where, how, or what is pictured ask away in the comments! I'll do an outside tour along with our porch and a fun DIY project were doing outside sometime soon! And just to remind you not to compare your behind the scenes to someones highlight reel...

The Office
That I didn't have time or energy to clean/organize in time for a picture.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! 

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Megan Mehaffy said...

I am so sorry to bother you as I am sure you have previously answered this question! But I have fallen in love with your duvet cover in your master bedroom. Where is it from?

chrystal smith said...

i LOVE the bed in your sons room! where is it from?

Candace Gutierrez said...

Costco! (sorry don't know the maker)

Michelle Bott said...

Candace, I LOOOVE your home! You are super talented! What a gift you have!!!