Thursday, March 6, 2014

Necklace Storage

If you would've asked me to describe my accessory usage, I would've told you I was a simple girl & have minimal accessories. Well, apparently I'm a closet accessorer (made that word up). Because while on a determined mission to organize every square inch of my house... I came across a ton of booty. Nope, I didn't look in the mirror. I mean treasure! In the form of accessories. I own a lot of necklaces and seriously need to start wearing some of them. (insert Pinterest search: how to accessorize). 

The problem is, that they were all in a basket tangled together and out of sight, out of mind! Not to mention, it took longer to untangle them than the amount of time I even give myself to get ready so that wasn't working! I needed a way to have them out and ready to remind my self, "Hey bling it up!" 

I came across these little gems in the hook section of Target. They are key holders for an entryway. Also known as, AWESOME necklace holders! I think they were about $5.99 each so for 20 bucks I was super excited to have my own personal jewelry display! 

I tucked it into this little useless piece of wall right next to my closet so that I would see it when I was getting dressed but it was still "hidden" from making the room seem too busy. I'm slowly warming up to "function" in my decor. Because sometimes "too pretty" makes it awfully hard to live in! 

So there's a quick fix to your jewelry dilemma if you have  had one like me!
My bracelets btw are in a little basket on top of my dresser and for some reason it doesn't bother me not to have them on display to choose from! Once I pick the necklace, it almost always prompts me to go find a cute bracelet to go with it! It's a system that works! Love me some organization. 

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