Friday, March 14, 2014

50 years young

So when you throw parties for a living, you get crowned the "unofficial event planner" for anything possibly worth celebrating in your family. I don't mind, because I love parties and I love (most) of my family so it's a win-win. Don't worry guys, I was just kidding, sort of... not really. So when it came time for my mother-in-law to turn 50 years young (she's going to kill me for blasting her age on ze blog but I think she's a babe and it wouldn't be the first time I've upset her, so I'm risking it! ha!) I jumped at the chance to put my head together with my SILs to get the birthday planning started. 

My in-laws enjoy eating out at their favorite restaurant Armando's together & my MIL is a classy candle lit dinner type of gal so we opted for intimate and elegant. The anchor to the dinner decor was that table cloth. oooo that table cloth. I'm no photographer AT ALL so ignore the fact that the lights are adjusted differently in every single one of the pictures below. It was night people, and there were candles. Not to mention I'm only an amateur photographer on a good day. 

See that adorable picture of her when she was little there. How cute right? We took old pictures and lined the table with them in frames.

I sent my SIL a picture of my cart full of decorations at hobby lobby and she somehow ordered the perfect matching cake. Isn't it adorable?! It's by Annette's Cakes in Orlando and it was the perfect dessert!

It's placed on a hat box to give it some height and I just love it to pieces. Oh yeah, and it was yummy. 

Candles, candles, candles. You can not go wrong with candles. (just in photographing them... helllllo yellowness)

Look at my MIL as a baby. Everyone signed the white photo mat as a guest book.

Peonies. My favorite (since before Pinterest). One of my first jobs was a flower shop. Started my love for events. and flowers. and all things pretty.

And you can't read the words, because I'm awesome and they're blurry. But I put the words to an Elvis Presley (her favorite) song from the year she was born on there. 

...and this is where she really kills me. This picture below is of my in laws on their honeymoon. Look at how tiny she is! Zoom in, because you're going to want to see her legs. RIDICULOUS!

This girl couldn't hang. 

And this guy resorted to iPad entertainment.


This right here was the point of the entire night. Look at her laugh. She deserves it. She has THE best laugh, because if you're really funny- she'll throw a snort in the end. LOL Happy Birthday to my Mother In Law, the woman who raised the best man I know. After being together for 8 years, I know she's a saint for getting him through the first 16 without me. ;) 

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anamariairegui said...

I had a blast Candace My DIL and Girls are great every single detail was awesome ! I am blessed !