Monday, April 7, 2014

Titus' Super Hero 3rd Birthday Party

Surprise! I'm back for round two in one day! Miss me? 
I'm showing you Titus' third birthday party that we celebrated over a MONTH ago. Note to self: give people their thank you cards! (I'm the worst at that. Yup, an event planner that's bad at thank you cards. The shame.)  So I know a picture is worth a thousand words and you'll probably just skim the pictures anyway sooooo without further ado. Here ya go:

Hope you liked it! Any questions just ask me! This was all really planned in about a week or two so I'd consider it sort of "thrown together" but I work best under pressure. ;) Love my little man to the moon. Happy (late) Birthday (party) Titus!


Most paper products are Target or Party City
The printables I found on a blog via Pinterest  Here
The cookies are from my very favorite go-to cookie place The Cookie Cousins
Chairs from Kirby Rentals
Invite from 2birdstudios
Superman canvas from Hobby Lobby
Batman hired from Gotham City FX

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Random Monday Post

Why hellooooo there!? It has been quite a while since I've had word vomit on here (apparently I like to sneak as many gross words into my everyday talk as possible. poop. you're welcome.) I blame my absence on my complete inability to be consistent with anything.. ever. I even was going to write a post 3 weeks ago pledging that consistency is the key to fixing my life and that I was going to vow from that point forward to be consistent. Whew. Thank God I didn't do something crazy like proclaim that. ;) So I gift you.. inconsistency with a pretty little bow on top. That I of course crafted myself out of recycled organic macaroni-n-cheese boxes... so we can just go ahead and pretend I'm being organized and crafty all at once.

In all seriousness, it's been a little crazy 'round these parts. Let's see, March 16th we left on the TRIP OF OUR LIVES to Colombia. I wanted to let everyone know we would be out of the country and post a nice farewell note because I was super excited. However, my husband advised me to not be so friendly and helpful towards all the creepers and robbers on the internet. Touché, hubs, touché. He is totally the brains.. and the looks...Why did he marry me again?! Anywho, we set off to have the time of our lives.

I'm going to do a vacation recap VERY soon, I just have to photoshop all the pictures of me in a bikini edit the pictures. One of the days we were on vacation we were so honored to be able to join a local church in a sort of "one day missions trip" on an island off the coast and in all honesty, processing that day has caused me to remain silent on here. I couldn't think of anything else. I couldn't digest the sadness. I couldn't come up with words that would give what I saw the justice it deserves. So, I promise I will share it all with you, when Jesus heals my heart and gives me words.

In the meantime here's some tidbits of what we've been up to...

K5 led chapel at Sienna's school and on the big screen my sweet girl answered "God loves me because..." with "He sent Jesus to die for my sins." Proud Mama Moment.

Sometime within the last few weeks, we had a Frozen watching party. I know the Frozen obsessed fan club is a bit annoying, but I am captain of Frozen-groupies and I can't even help it. I was recently shown a few articles that showed the underlying meanings in the movie that made it not good for Christians, but I'm a firm believer in "If you look for evil, you will find evil. If you look for God, you will find God." I think there Christian themes sprinkled all over Arendelle. ;) Ps: Just for the record, I listen to Let It Go Pandora station without my kiddo and "Love is an Open Door" is my jam. A close second going to "The Happy Snowman Song" as the kids call it, and THEN "Let it Go". (sorry for the blurry iPhone pic) My girl set up everything for the party. She has the planner/detail brain that I have and I love it.

Sienna & Titus had their first soccer practices last week! It's not Sienna's first season playing, but it's been awhile so it is all fairly new to her again. Titus however, has never played before. For my hubby, the sentiment behind your son lacing up his cleats and starting their first season ever of a sport you spent your whole life loving and playing is...well, special. (Oh, and Daddy's the coach)

It was the same type of sentiment I felt when my sweet girl put on her leotard and tights for her first ballet class many moons ago. Tear.

As if she wasn't already betraying me enough by growing up too fast after promising to never get old, Sienna went and lost her 5th tooth. This tooth is a turning point though. We officially have a "snuggle tooth" as my dad always called us at this point. It was a top front tooth, and I don't know what it is about those two top teeth, but when they're replaced by a big gap then that baby toothed smile just disappears and they AGE SO MUCH. 

Well that post was random enough so I'll just leave it at that. I have SO MUCH more to share with you but I'm trying to practice self control so I can stop typing this and brush my teeth before lunch time you're not overwhelmed. Love you lots. Have any kiddos start sports this spring? Tell me, how do you do dinner on nights where you are at sports for all the hours of normal cooking/eating/bedtime prep? Give me your wisdom wise mamas. <3 Happy Monday!
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